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This is a pre-alpha prototype of a space shooting game like BSGO was. Currently it is single player. Soon in a week or so game will be much better than it is today. Game lack many important things - it is prototype so u can just check flight/maneuver control systems - nothing else. Most important thing is that this is pre-pre alpha version of the game....

For controls(turn or strafe) use numeric buttons: 7,4-up/down, 8,5-left,right,9,6- roll left,right, enter- forward. Use S to stop enemy. Use L to change enemy hps to 1000.

Only in bams2.0 and cams2.0 builds:use F1 to change type of player ship, F2 to stop the game and F3 to change enemy hps to 1000. Only in bams2.0 and cams2.0 builds is possible to change key mappings as you prefer and also to change type of ships

Working title of the game is Star(stands for: Strike Turnfight ARena). Later name of the game might change though. Idea behind the game is to revive discontinued game BSGO - making both multiplayer and before that single player version of the game. Game will have similar flight/maneuver control systems like BSGO and game experience, 2 factions etc but everything else will be new(ships, story, missions, etc).  Currently the only ships in the game are strikes and later will be added medium and big size ships. Also game will be free.

Install instructions

To use game simply unpack it(zip file dev to folders cams9 and bams12 that zip file actually contains) to your comp and double click exe files.


Star.zip 82 MB
bams2.0.zip 79 MB
cams2.0.zip 79 MB

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